Everything Can Be NFTed

Everything you own has value and can be represented by an NFT. NFTs or non-fungible tokens can make your things more valuable by opening them up to more buyers and possibilities.

Best of all, existing blockchain technology and services allow you to do it now, not in some distant future! We’re here to educate you and make using NFTs for your real-world assets as easy as possible.

Chances are, if you don’t NFT your valuables, the next owner will do it and reap in the benefits!

Why Real Nifty?

Custom NFTs

Almost all NFT launches to date don’t take advantage of smart contract technology to customize an NFT. NFTs minted through us can be bought and sold without a marketplace.


We’re the only NFT platform that provide a communication platform where buyers and sellers can communicate via text (anonymously) without downloading an app.

Fulfillment & Delivery

We offer a full service, which means we handle all assets, digital and physical, with a white-glove service to make sure the items are securely transacted.

What Can I create an NFT for?

Almost anything. NFTs aren’t just for digital assets. In fact, they are better suited for real assets like your home or apartment, car, jewelry, collectibles, intellectual property, even services and time – which are unique, just like an NFT.

Physical Crypto & Collectibles

(Our first marketplace)
Buy and sell high value collectibles easily and securely
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Memberships & Services

Better way to show proof of right to certain privileges or services
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Real Estate

Enable short term leases and whole range of usage rights
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Physical Art

Open up your art to new buyers & add a certificate of authenticity
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Earn more auctioning instead of fixing a price & get royalties on resales
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Investment agreements, insurance policies & more can be put right into the NFT
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Venue Rentals

NFTs can represent usage rights over a given time
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Intellectual Property

Sell rights to music, code or even articles/papers you write
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Think of an NFT as a digital receipt, voucher, title/deed, certificate of authenticity, product label and marketplace listing — all combined into a digital package that can easily be transferred, bought or sold. By creating or “minting” an NFT for an asset, you add a digital component that can live with it forever, unlocking functions like auctioning, leasing, breaking into smaller pieces, even earning royalties. NFTs allow asset owners, whether the original creator or a buyer, to massively expand what they could do with it, increasing the value.

We provide a range of services including consulting, to minting and listing your NFTs, to fully managing the sale of your NFTs. 

8 Reasons to Add an NFT to Your Asset


Easily put a permanent sales listing for anything you own right now on the blockchain.  It’s fast and can be free. 


Enable auctioning. Don’t set a price and risk undervaluing. Let the market pay more.


Earn royalties. First owner to NFT can get paid with every resale.


Instant flipping. NFT just need to be created once. You can relist anything you bought right away.


New assets. Sell things you didn’t realize had value.


More buyers. NFTs instantly bring more buyers to anything you’re currently selling/auctioning.


Instant payment. No messiness of haggling/negotiating since it’s pay or go away.


Bookkeeping. No one likes keeping records, let blockchain handle all of it.

How Does It Work?

1. Creating/Minting Your NFT

First, you need to mint a new NFT representing your asset. This can be done on our site or any minting services. Minting through us allows your NFT to be free of any platform and automatically gets your NFT listed for sale in our marketplace.

2. Listing On A Marketplace

Once you have your NFT, you can list it on almost any NFT marketplace, including ours, even if you didn't mint through us. The benefit of using our marketplace is we have a proprietary messaging platform for you to maintain communication with your potential buyers and NFT holders.

3. Delivery And Settlement

We will provide a network of services including delivery, insurance and consulting that make transacting with NFTs more seamless and secure than traditional markets.

Early Marketplace Demo


Every current marketplace can potentially be improved using blockchain technology and NFTs. We are among the first to apply innovative use cases to real assets. We provide the services to help onboard the average person to NFTs, to list their assets and provide all necessary support services. We believe ultimately, marketplaces like ebay, Amazon, MLS, Uber, Zipcar could have a portion of their businesses replaced by innovative NFT and blockchain application.

If you’re interested in helping fund our vision, please email invest@realnifty.io and we will reach out.