How to Create an NFT

The Basics

1.Pick an NFT minting service and sign up (if required)

2. Open an crypto wallet the service accepts (Metamask is most popular)

3. Fund your wallet with at least $100

4. Buy cryptocurrency used by the minting service (Ethereum is most popular)

5. Create your NFT at the minting service

The Details

  1. Creating or “minting” an NFT is pretty simple and can be done using many services. The most popular NFT minting services currently include OpenSea, Mintable, Rarible and Mintbase. All these minting services currently focus on digital artwork, but can be used to mint NFTs for any asset. Our minting services are designed for real assets and are unique in that they are platform independent.  This means that once minted through us, your NFT doesn’t need us or any other marketplace to be sold. If you mint through other companies, chances are you’ll always need to transact your NFT through a marketplace.
  2. For almost every minting site, you’ll need to access your wallet through a wallet manager like Metamask. Even though you have a choice of others, you as might as well do it through Metamask since it’s used by pretty much all the major minting services. If you already own cryptocurrency, and have an account at an exchange like Coinbase, you’ll still need a wallet manager.
  3. Most minting services will give you the option to create the NFT for free (gasless or “off chain”) or paid (gas or “on chain”) which current ranges $30-$100. The gasless and free options will then create an NFT on their own blockchain or not put it on the blockchain at all. Not putting an NFT on a blockchain seems contrary to the whole idea of NFTs, but if you’re simply using an NFT to list your asset in that minting service’s marketplace, then this may be the right option for you. The downside is your NFT is no different from a listing on eBay…you’re tied into that platform. If you choose the gasless option, you can skip step 4.
  4. If you want a “real NFT” which means it’s on a blockchain, you’ll need to pay for it. Most NFTs are now on the Ethereum blockchain so buy enough Ether (ETH), the currency for Ethereum, to pay for “gas” to mint your NFT. A single NFT or a series of them can be minted for up to ~$100, depending on the service and blockchain status.
  5. Once you have cryptocurrency and a wallet, minting an NFT is pretty simple, and can be done in a matter of minutes on any site.  Minting an NFT is almost no different from creating any classified ad. The form will look similar to the one below.  In fact, you might as well go ahead and test create an NFT in the form below now! If you want to mint a real (not test) NFT, use our form at Any NFTs minted through one service can ultimately be converted to another NFT so you don’t have to worry about getting it “right” at the beginning.

TEST MINT your nft

This form mints an NFT on one of Ethereum’s test networks (Rinkeby), so it is completely free and for demonstration purposes.  You will need some free Rinkeby Ether to mint a test NFT, which can be acquired here:

Your NFT is being minted
Complete the transaction on MetaMask