"Make A Wish" NFT

Make A Dream Come True With A "Real Nifty Wish" NFT

We have a creative take on NFTs that turns how they’ve been used so far on its head.  Instead of minting an NFT for selling something, we’re allowing people to NFT what they want to buy.

Say it’s been your dream to have a phone call with Barack Obama, or have a song dedicated to you by Taylor Swift, or talk with Elon Musk about space travel.  Instead of waiting for an opportunity that may never come, mint an NFT for your wish and we’ll try to make it happen!

How does it work?

1. Mint/List Wish NFT

Simply tell us below what your wish is and mint the “Real Nifty Wish” NFT. The cost of making the wish will be the gas cost for creating the NFT. This cost serves as a filter for wishes that aren’t serious. Once the NFT is minted, you’ll get a link to your NFT. 

To increase your chances of it being fulfilled, list your NFT on any marketplace and place a bid.

Soon we will allow you to make your bid immediately on the form below.

2. Wait for Acceptance

After you’ve minted your wish, we’ll contact that person or a representative of theirs to let them know there’s an NFT requesting a certain wish with a bid on it. If they agree to it, we’ll contact you and coordinate fulfillment of your wish. If we’re not able to reach them within 30 days or they say no, we’ll let you know via text so you can withdraw a bid if you made one.

3. Check the Winner

If your bid is outbid by another buyer, then we will ask the person to grant two wishes, one for the top bidder and one for you, the wish-maker. In effect, you would get your wish granted for free! 

This is a reason to list and bid on your NFT once minted and telling everyone you know about it. If you get outbid, you can get your wish for free.

Your NFT is being minted
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