Artist: Matt Vegh

Real Nifty X Matt Vegh

Art and innovation comes hand in hand with NFTs. The space is constantly evolving with new ideas and ways to use the technology are constantly being implemented. With this in mind, Real Nifty have teamed up with artist Matt Vegh for a completely unique NFT drop in the coming weeks.

About Matt Vegh

Matt Vegh is a Canadian Abstract and AI artist based in Chengdu, China. Being the first foreigner to obtain a Chinese Green Card in that City, Matt worked as an editor for the Chengdu Daily newspaper before retiring from the role and concentrating on his artwork. 

Since 2017 Vegh has sold over 460 orignal works of art. Being a fan of technology, Vegh also has a keen interest in cryptocurrency and NFTs. His very first NFT artwork sale was a community minted project entitled Rebuilding the Tower of Babel. The piece sold for 16.1 ETH on Opensea.

Mosaic NFT Project

Vegh’s recent works have included a move to mosaics; hand-painted, hand-cut and hand-trimmed tiles that show off the artist’s skill and craft in some beautiful pieces. Each tile is a painting within itself, featuring scenes of mountains, maidens, animals, Buddhas, and much more.

Like NFTs, each mosaic piece is unique and cannot be copied or replicated; this is one of the reasons why Vegh decided on a revolutionary physical and digital NFT drop for his next mosaic project. Teaming up with Real Nifty to help make this happen, buyers will have the opportunity to not only purchase the digital NFTs of Vegh’s mosaic art, but also physical mosaics from Vegh’s collection.

Innovation with Crystalisation

Included in the drop are two innovations that blur the lines between the physical and digital even further. If a buyer purchases 9 mosaic pieces, both the physical and digital assets can be ‘crystalized’ into one unique piece.

If you own a combination of 9 mosaic pieces, you will have the choice to crystalize your pieces using a special grid on the Real Nifty website. You can combine them in an order of your choosing to make an orginal piece of artwork designed by you. 

By crystalizing your mosaic pieces, a brand new NFT of the combined digital mosaic will be created. By choosing to crystalize your mosaic, this essentially reduces the number of physical mosaic pieces available, with the potential to make them more valuable.

Once crystalized, the owner will have the choice to receive a matching physical replica of the mosiac you have digitally created. Matt Vegh will physically crystalize a matching piece that will be delivered to you in the real world. The physical pieces are held in secure storage at Matt Vegh’s personal gallery until the decision is made to crystalize.

Mosaic Coins

On top of this, with every purchase of a mosaic, the buyer will receive an amount of Vegh’s own cryptocurrency coin. These coins can be used to spend in his online gallery to purchase works of art from Vegh himself and other artists.

Drop Information:

Purchase of Matt Vegh Mosaic NFTs that are linked to physical mosiac pieces from the artist in a range of sizes (3x3cm, 5x5cm, 10x10cm). NFTs will be instantly sent to your crypto wallet upon purchase. If you purchase 9 or more of the 3×3 mosaic pieces, these can be digitally ‘crystalized’ into one unique piece. Physical pieces will be held in storage at Matt Vegh’s gallery untill buyer decides to crystalize and take delivery of physical piece. 

Mosaic Token 1 (3x3cm): $36.00 each

Mosaic Token 2 (5x5cm): $100.00 each

Mosaic Token 3 (10x10): $400.00 each

  1. Initial Mosaic Drop Day to be announced
  2. Mint mosiac NFTs through Real Nifty Website on Drop Day
  3. NFTs sent directly to your Metamask wallet
  4. If 9 or more NFTs purchased, NFTs can be crystalized into one piece
  5. Option to have a matching physical mosaic crystalized and delivered in the real world.