NFT For Brands

How We Help Brands Launch NFTs

We offer a range of services to help brands get into NFTs, from consulting to minting their NFT to creating custom marketing content to fully overseeing a complete NFT auction and launch.  Any brand, creator, artist, or celebrity can have their own NFTs in as little as weeks. Please contact us if you are or represent a brand interested in launching your own NFT.

Ways Brands Are Using NFTs

NFTs for Brands

Much of the current buzz surrounding NFTs relates to digital art but they can be sold for any digital asset. As this space grows, we’re seeing the model applied beyond digital artworks. 

One of the main reasons NFTs are important to brands is that they can be used to represent digital files, such as art, audio, and video. They are so versatile, they can be used to represent other forms of creative work like virtual real estate, virtual worlds, fashion, and much more.

NFTs are like the serial numbers that a luxury brand would issue for each of their products to verify their authenticity.

NFTs opens the door to a new world of brand engagement and an opportunity for brands to interact differently with their customers by “minting” special experiences, collaborations, iconic images, memorable ad campaigns, luxury designs etc.  In a way, NFTs are like the serial numbers that a luxury brand would issue for each of their products to verify their authenticity.

This is creating a whole new market through short term cash injection, and allows brands to retain control of their original assets without fear of manipulation, copy-cats or alterations.

Brands can turn clients and customers into more loyal fans by issuing NFTs that people can collect, sell and trade. Through ownership of exclusive NFTs, collectors can feel a deeper sense of connection with their favorite brands, which will translate into increased customer loyalty. And since brand NFT collectibles could be sold on secondary markets for profits in the future, purchasing a brand’s NFT could be a new way for consumers to invest in their favorite companies.

By jumping on the NFT bandwagon, businesses and brands can have complete control of their digital assets and be able to utilize new technologies to drive innovation, client retention and brand equity. NFTs can be used by any brand looking to create brand loyalty, engagement and long-term connection with consumers.

6 Ways Your Brand Could Use NFTs


Can businesses auction off their branded assets to its hardcore fans? For example, who wouldn’t want to own the Nike logo? Or the official Burberry brand pattern?


Could they also sell the designs to its products, while still retaining the rights to market them? For example, Samsung could sell the NFT for the renders behind their latest products, but still use them on TV.


Could retailers sell tickets to events for life? For example, Lane Crawford could release an ‘Exclusive Sales Preview’ NFT to allow the owner to get the first hour of the yearly sales exclusively to themselves.


Can image creators change the licensing model? For example, photographers and illustrators could now sell the NFT behind their imagery rather than negotiating a three or five year usage.


Can brands create one-off experiences and products that only live in the digital world? For example, McLaren could release an exclusive car only for use in online racing games and available through the purchase of an NFT.


Can a brand own a moment in time? For example, Apple auctioning off the moment that its latest iPhone is released.