NFTs For Music

How We Help Artists Launch NFTs

We offer a range of services to help musicians get into NFTs, from consulting to minting their NFT to creating custom marketing content to fully overseeing a complete NFT auction and launch. Any brand, creator, artist, or celebrity can have their own NFTs in as little as weeks.


1.Do It Yourself

Create an NFT in minutes on self-service minting platform.  Once minted, you can announce your drop and auction yourself.

2.Fully Managed

We can fully manage your NFT drop/launch from ideation with you, to running the auction, to delivering the product.  We take care of everything. Contact us for more information.

3. Custom

Customize what you need from our full range of services, including consulting, custom smart contracts, logistics, delivery and communication. Contact us for more information.

NFTs Offer New Possibilities & New Solutions To Old Problems

Current/New Applications

  1. New Events/Services:
    Open up ways to engage and Monetize
  2. New Audience:
    Broaden up distribution to new tech-savvy audience & marketing channel
  3. Earn On Every Resale:
    Built-in royalties enables earning on resales, which were impossible before
  4. Future Concepts:
    Foundation for evolution e.g., dynamic NFTs

Solving Old Problems

  1. Royalties:
    Modernize all payments & entitlements automatically and instantly
  2. Ticketing:
    Complement existing ticketing management or replace entirely
  3. Bookkeeping:
    Blockchain takes care of record-keeping and many admin functions
  4. Copyright:
    A better way to manage and creates a marketplace for usage rights

NFTs Exploding in Popularity in Music

A growing trend in the music industry is the rise of NFTs or non-fungible tokens. Transactions using NFTs allow audiences to participate in auctions for unique content from the artists they love. These come in concert tickets, limited-edition experiences, digital content, merchandise, and music.

Puts the power back in the hands of artists

2020 turned the music industry upside down when it eliminated live concerts — a significant income stream for artists and their labels. As the world remains digital, artists are looking for ways to connect and create for their audiences, and NFTs provide a new outlet for them with several benefits.

Artists have a lot of flexibility over the items they want to auction off. These tokens can be digital, but they can also be physical. Albums, digital art, sound bites, merchandise, and concert tickets are all forms of non-fungible tokens that artists are exchanging. Fans are happy to receive these rare experiences and are willing to pay for the chance to receive them.

NFT’s can potentially eliminate middlemen but it is new and currently complicated. 

Real Nifty offer a full range of services including consulting, launching and whitelabeling tech for NFTs.

Examples of NFTs in Music

Kings of Leon – First Major Pioneer NFT Offering

Golden Tickets

6 Golden Tickets for lifetime front row seats at major live concerts & perks

New Album

New album "When You See Yourself" at $50 each, which includes digital MP3 download, limited edition 'Golden Eye' Vinyl & digital GIF of album cover

Audiovisual Artworks

6 exclusive audiovisual artworks - $95-$2,500

The Results

Generated $2m in revenue, majority from Golden Tickets

Developed and organized by Yellowheart

Auctioned over 2 weeks in March 2021 thru Opensea

Major challenges: communication & delivery