Why List Your Coin Using An NFT?

NFT Your crypto coins

Why & How?

Our physical crypto coin marketplace gives collectors a dedicated place to list their high value coins for sale or find coins to buy. As an alternative to general marketplaces like eBay, we sift out all the noise to make listing and buying more efficient and secure.

Listing physical crypto coins as NFTs just make sense!

As a seller, you can create a better listing with our form designed for coins, where you choose from brand/manufacturer, mint year, denomination etc.  Using an NFT to sell your coin allows you to tap into a broader audience of NFT collectors.  Your sale doesn’t expire like it does on other marketplaces.  There’s almost no reason not to list your coin as an NFT with us! 


As a buyer, you can more easily filter and search exactly what you’re looking for. As more collectors post their coin sales as NFTs, they will instantly be added to our marketplace, growing the inventory of coins to choose from.

You can feel more secure about buying and selling with us as well since we use a personalized courier service to pick up the coin from the seller and deliver it to the buyer, ensuring every step of the exchange.

How it works?

Step By Step

  1. Once you list your coin, we confirm your telephone number and notify you when there’s been a bid. Interested buyers also share their telephone number so they can text sellers about their listing. To protect identity, we use an anonymizing number so neither party knows the others’ number.

  2. If a buyer bids or buys the coin, that ethereum is sent from their Metamask wallet to Real Nifty’s contract address. If the bid is accepted by the seller or meets the “buy-it-now” price, the NFT representing ownership of the coin is automatically transferred to the buyer’s wallet.

  3. The buyer and/or seller may choose our insured courier services, guaranteeing delivery for an additional cost. If chosen, the ethereum payment (less the courier cost) will be sent to the seller as soon as we verify the item has been picked up and is authentic. If not using our courier service, the ethereum will be held in escrow by our contract until the buyer has verified with us they have received the physical coin. At that point, our contract will send the ethereum to the seller and the sale is finalized.  If the physical coin is not received within 30 days, the ethereum will be transferred back to the buyer’s wallet, the NFT is burned and a new one is listed in its place.